EcoSystem Wax

EcoSystem RS1 is a 100% natural vegetable wax blend which overcomes many of the weaknesses associated with pure soy waxes. It can be used straight out of the box by novices and seasoned chandlers.

Co-developed in the UK with Candle Shack and manufactured under license by British Wax EcoSystem RS1 is a unique blend of hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oils. This is a truly professional grade candle wax, which a number of luxury brand clients have been using for 12-24 months with excellent results.

Unlike most vegetable waxes, EcoSystem RS1 is easy to wick and promotes wick self-trimming, whilst delivering very good scent throw with compatible oils. It is particularly good with essential and nature identical oil blends.

EcoSystem RS1 can be prone to polymorphism / frosting, which can be tackled by minimising temperature fluctuations during production.

British Wax fulfil orders above 500kg. Orders below 500kg can be placed with Candle Shack. - Buy EcoSystem Wax

Carton sizes (2 x 12.5 kg) 25kg MOQ.

For a product sample and a ‘how to use guide’ please contact us on 01737 761242 or