Vybar Dispersion

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Vybar Dispersion 6062 is a candle additive which helps improve the performance of most paraffin based candle waxes.

Vybar Dispersion 6062 acts as crystal-modifier which homogenizes the structure of any paraffin wax. The transparency of paraffin is reduced by Vybar Dispersion 6062, so colours will show a higher intensity and improves the ability of the wax to retain fragrances.

Issues like mottling and air bubbles within the candle are also decreased with addition of Vybar Dispersion 6062.

For those with a drawing machine, the drawability of paraffin wax is improved with Vybar Dispersion 6062.


Congealing point, °C
59.0 – 61.0
Penetration @ 25 °C, dmm
1 – 4
Colour, Saybolt
28 – 30

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