SFX – Special Effects

Cubes of Special Effects Gel Wax - Ice Wax

Waxes for SFX – Special Effects Applications

Waxes have been used for centuries to produce wax representations of people, animals, food items and more.
Today, such wax reproductions are still used in photography, television and films as they have a more life-like appearance than plastic.
In addition waxes can be used to produce a number of effects in visual productions such as transparent glass wax for making glass models which need to break safely.
Snow and ice wax can also be recreated with wax, obtaining a realistic effect without having to worry about melting.
The British Wax Refining Company offers a wide range of waxes for both figure making and other special effects. We have a number of wax formulas which can be pigmented and moulded into figures.

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The special effects wax products we manufacture and distribute, include:

  • Figure Casting Wax
  • Modelling Wax
  • Shatter Wax
  • Ceramic Wax
  • Transparent Glass Wax
  • Transparent Gel Wax

Among other components, we manufacture our special effects waxes by using:

  • Pigment concentrates
  • Dye Concentrates
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Microcrystalline Wax
  • Resins
  • Elvax