GoldenWax 494

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GoldenWax 494 is a 100% Soy Wax, designed for use in melts, made in the USA by AAK. It releases well from moulds and is good at holding colour and fragrance.

GW 494 is a plant-based wax designed to outperform other waxes in the manufacturing, appearance and performance of wax melts and tarts.

  • May be used alone—no need for paraffin or other non-plant-based waxes
  • Reduces set-up time
  • Offers significant bloom/frost reduction
  • Has great mould release
  • Create a fragrance throw comparable to paraffin
  • Allows for vibrant colours

The Soy used for manufacturing GoldenWax 494 is sourced responsibly. AAK committed to source all it’s Soy from certified deforestation-free crops by 2025.
It comes in a practical flake format.

Minimum order: 1 box – 22.68 kg


Fragrance Load
Melting Point
Melting Temperature
80°C (+/-5°C)
Pour Temperature
70°C (+/-5°C)

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