Premium Natural Candle Wax 4382

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Vegan-Friendly, Premium Natural Candle Wax 4382 is manufactured by British Wax in the UK and is a blend of Rapeseed and Soy Wax.

It is ideally suited for high end container candles and delivers a good scent throw hot and cold. It enables single-pour in most cases, resulting in a level surface with excellent adhesion.

Melt Point: 45-55°. Higher temperatures can be tolerated for mixing purposes, but sustained temperatures above 90°C should be avoided

Pour Temp: 60-70°

FO Load: up to 8%

Packing: Block format. MOQ (2 x 12.5kg) 25kg.


Melting temperature
Pouring temperature
Fragrance load
8%, subject to testing

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