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Coconut Wax 4103 is a 100% natural and biodegradable wax. This wax can be used in Personal Care and Cosmetic applications like Body Butters, Skin Creams, Facial Butters, Balms, Hair Moisturiser, Lip Balms and Mascara.

It is also suitable for use in Candles, Massage Candles and Food Application.

Coconut Wax is often added to other natural waxes like Beeswax, Rapeseed and Soy to make Candles that are fully natural. Coconut Wax burns cleanly and slowly, has excellent fragrance retention ( 8-12% on average), provides great glass adhesion and a smooth finish to candle blends.

Coconut Oil is produced by pressing the Coconut husk. Then the oil is filtered and provides a fully natural Coconut Wax.

4103 Coconut wax has a natural bright clear white colour when solid.


Hydrogenated Coconut Oil
Melting Point, °C, NEN 6313
30 - 34
Viscosity at 40, °C, mPa.s UoM
Viscosity at 60, °C, mPa.s UoM
Colour Red, ISO 15305
1 maximum
Colour Yellow, ISO 15305
10 maximum
Free Fatty Acids, %, ISO 660
0.1 maximum
Iodine Value, g/100g, ISO 3961
1.5 maximum

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