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British Wax is passionate about developing and manufacturing the most comprehensive range of Natural Candle Wax blends for  candle makers.

We are passionate about sourcing 100% natural, sustainable, ethical, high quality raw materials to incorporate into our proprietary BW blends.  We are the only wax manufacturer in the UK producing certified organic candle wax. This provides our customers with the reassurance that our supply chains are traceable, replenishable and ensures quality is maintained between batches, this means you can produce sustainable high quality candles every batch.

British Wax expertly blends candle wax formulations for a variety of candle brands and manufacturers. We work closely with our customers to meet their particular needs for better fragrance throw, glass adhesion, a smooth finish etc. The breadth of the BW natural candle wax range means you can find the wax that works for you and provides the great performance you want to achieve.

So if you want a simple Soy/Rapeseed blend, a Certified Organic blend, or a complex multiple component wax blend for a truly premium performance, please do contact us to find the ideal wax solution to suit you.

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