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BMB 4425 is a Natural Wax Blend for Wax Melts.

Its vegetable wax and beeswax blend is designed specifically for making great wax melts and tarts.

What makes this natural wax blend great?

  • It releases very well from metal and silicon moulds, thanks to its hardness and smooth finish.
  • It looks great, because it receives all standard candle dyes well.
  • It smells fantastic! It receives up to 15% fragrance loading with little softening.

Side by side comparisons with other natural pillar and wax melt candle blends have shown BMB 4425 to have improved fragrance throw and vibrancy of colour.

We recommend using fragrances specifically designed for natural wax. As with all candle materials, it is highly recommended that you test fragrance compatibility in a small sample before using in full production.
To achieve a smooth, unmottled surface, we recommend melting to 100°C, adding colour and fragrance at around 85°C, stirring and pouring immediately after the fragrance and colour are fully mixed. Cool rapidly.

As with all the British Wax proprietary blends, we focus on sustainability. BMB 4425 is from 100% natural, renewable materials.
Supplied in slabs in 25kg cartons, samples are available upon request.


Fragrance Load
up to 15%
Melting temperature
Congealing Point
40 - 50°C

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