Rapeseed Wax 4110

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This 100% rapeseed wax is used as a natural additive to soften other natural waxes and obtain lower melt temperatures. This renewable material has been developed to produce high quality candle blends. Rapeseed Wax comes from the oil that is harvested from the plant, it is an ideal sustainable eco-wax. The Rapeseed crop sources are from locally grown non-GM crops in UK, France and Germany.

Rapeseed Wax is a great natural vegetable wax, ideal as an ingredient in the production of all types of container candles blends, both natural and paraffin based. It can blend with natural wax products to achieve improved finished candle performance and appearance, especially encouraging consistency and enabling stability.

Rapeseed 4110 helps to lower the melting point of a finished candle which improves the fragrance release and the smoothness of the candle surface.
Coming in block format, the pouring temperature of Rapeseed Wax 4110 is °C 35 – 37

Minimum order: 25 kg (2 boxes x 12.5 kg each)


Hydrogenated Rapeseed Oil
Melting temperature
36 °C
CAS Number
EC Number

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