BioCERE Organic Container Candle Wax

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BioCERE is an Organic Container Candle Wax blend of 100% certified organic oils and waxes. 

BioCERE was developed in 2010 to deliver the most sustainable candle wax possible. The BioCERE blend is a unique product certified by the Soil Association and audited annually.The 100% organic status is achieved by blending only certified organic renewable waxes and oils, including beeswax (which encourages biodiversity). BioCERE is therefore free of pesticides and GMOs.

The vegetable aspect of blend includes palm and coconut. The organic palm is RSPO Identity Preserved (the highest level of certification) all from a palm tree farm which was originally converted from cattle pasture over 100 years ago. Rainforest corridors are managed as part of their organic biosphere and the farm is certified by Rain Forrest Alliance ensuring no deforestation.

• Designed for container and massage candles.
• Works best with larger wicks.
• Fragrance load recommended from 8%.

To make a fully organic candle which can be certified a certified organic wax, wick and organic essential oils are required. We recommend Monterosa organic wicks which have been developed to work with the BioCERE wax.

The BioCERE Product Certificate (Trading Schedule) and Certificate of Registration from the UK Soil Association is available upon request.
Available in 25kg carton, block format.


Melting Point, °C
44 - 54
Colour Gardner scale
2 - 5
Recommended pouring temperature
55 to 70 °C
Fragrance load
8% max recommended

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