NatureWax C-1 Soy/Palm

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This Soy/Palm natural wax is manufactured by Cargill (made in the USA) and ideal for container candles, wax melts and wax tarts. It can also be used as a softener for pillar candles.

NatureWax C1 is known for burning up to 50% longer compared to alternative mineral waxes. It supports increased fragrance loading in a candle with no synersis as compared to paraffin based waxes, and it delivers good glass adhesion resulting in fewer production issues.

From renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished providing long-term, reliable supply. The palm content is RSPO certified.

NatureWax C-1 can also be used for paper cup coatings, stationery pencils, colour pencils, ink ribbons, mold lubricant, textile finishes, sizing, cord lubricant, metal lubricant, adhesives, thermoplastics resin  additive, leather dressing and crayons.

Minimum order: 1 box – 22.68 kg


Melting temperature
71.1 to 93.3°C
Pour temperature
43.3 to 57.2°C
Fragrance load
recommended up to 10%

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