Refined Rice Bran Wax

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Rice Bran Wax 6150 is mainly used in cosmetics applications as a non-melting peeling wax, but also for creams, sun screen, lotions and mascara. It is compatible with most other waxes, natural oils, mineral waxes and petrolatum.

Rice Bran Wax 6150 is a 100% natural vegetable sustainable wax and is obtained in the production process of rice oil, which contains 4 to 6% of wax. The Rice Bran wax we supply has been winterised for best results. This pure refined Rice Bran Wax is light yellow in colour and of a distinct brittle hardness. It has a melting point of close to 80°C and is often compared to Carnauba wax as an alternative coating agent.

Rice Bran Wax has an outstanding oil binding property compared to all other waxes. It’s used as thickener, binding agent, and gelling agent.

Rice Bran Wax 6150 can also be used as an additive for natural candle wax blends.


Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax
Melting point, °C, ASTM D – 938
77 – 82
Acid value, mg KOH / g, ASTM D-2669
1 – 12
Saponification value, mg KOH / g, ASTM D – 16C
75 – 90
Iodine value, mg I/100mg, ASTM D-5554
1 – 13
Food Additive
FDA approval
21CFR 172.615, 172.890, 178.3860

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