Candelilla Wax

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Our Candelilla wax will give you the peace of mind and the ability to answer that yes, your product uses a truly sustainable Candelilla wax.

Candelilla wax is a 100% natural wax, however the traditional extraction process used by the Mexican “Candelilleros” involves handling sulphuric acid. Workers are supplied little to no protection, and the same goes for the acid disposal. This is not ecological positive, and can also be dangerous for the ongoing health of the farmers.

Therefore to offer a more sustainable and responsibly sourced product, we now only supply Candelilla processed with natural citric acid instead of sulphuric acid. Citric acid is naturally found in fruits, like lemons. This premium product provides peace of mind for customers who want the ensure responsible sourcing.
Our Candelilla wax can be used for cosmetic and food applications, or as a vegan friendly alternative to beeswax or mineral waxes for candle making.
It’s also used in a variety of other specialty applications as soap-making, leather and furniture polish.

Minimum order: 25 kg


Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax
Drop Melting Point, °C
68 – 73
Acid value, mg KOH/g
12 – 22
Saponification value, mg KOH/g
43 – 65
Ester Value, mg KOH/g
31 – 43
Gardner Scale
9 -12

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