GoldenWax 464

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GoldenWax 464 Soy Wax for Candles is an ideal 100% soy container candle wax, made in the USA by AAK.

GW 464 delivers a very consistent performance. It’s the ideal wax to make uniform candles with a smooth, creamy, appearance. It’s low melt point helps to create candles with reduced frosting and provides great glass adhesion and helps prevent wet spots.

GoldenWax 464 Soy Wax holds and throws fragrance very well, better than many alternative waxes. A heat gun may be necessary to smooth out tops on finished candles. It typically requires only a single pour.

Like all the raw materials used by AK, the Soy used for manufacturing GoldenWax 464 is sourced responsibly. AAK committed to source all it’s Soy from certified deforestation-free crops by 2025.
GW 464 comes in a practical flake format.

Minimum order: 1 box – 22.68 kg



Fragrance oil load
Melting temperature
Up to 85 °C
Pouring temperature

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