Slush Casting Wax, Medium

Product code: 1584 - Slabs
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A high quality, medium casting wax for lost wax casting.

It casts easily, withstands handling when cold without cracking and it burns out cleanly.

This is a medium hardness, general purpose slush casting wax. It shows good air release properties and a degree of flexibility to allow easy removal from the mold and provides excellent reproduction of detail. Like all our casting waxes, our medium slush casting wax is formulated to leave minimum to no residue. Please also consider our hard or soft waxes, designed to work at different room temperatures.

This wax can be blended with other casting waxes to achieve the desired consistency.

Colour: Green


Congealing point, °C, ASTM D – 938
60 – 65
Needle penetration 100G/5 SEC/25 °C, dmm, ASTM D - 1321
12 – 14
Viscosity at 100°C, cPa ASTM D - 2669
10 – 15

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