Brittle Sealing Wax

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Our Brittle Sealing Wax, also know as “bankers wax”, is specially formulated to adhere directly to surfaces and is a great tool to differentiate your packaging and products from other brands.

British Wax supplies manufacturers, companies, and institutions. Used with a seal stamp, our Sealing Wax is ideal to seal parchments or letters, as well as boxes, official documents. Please be aware, this wax is brittle and less pliable that our Bottle Sealing Wax. It can be applied directly to glass,  however is more commonly used to create decorative stamps which are then applied to the glass after curing.

Sold in blocks, our Sealing Wax comes in 25kg boxes and is currently available in three colours: Neutral, Black & Red.

If you would like to create a custom coloured brittle sealing wax, please contact us for more information.


Our brittle sealing wax cannot be used for sealing bottle caps and corks, but luckily we have the perfect product for that, our Bottle Sealing Wax.

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