Casting Wax Spures 1584

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A medium wax offering ample flexibility and sufficient rigidity make this wax particularly suited for making sprues. Sold by weight in 500mm lengths.

Sprues are soft and pliable wax extrusions used in lost wax casting for gating and runner systems.

Sprues form a mount for the wax pattern and create a channel for the elimination of wax. They form a channel for the entry of molten metal, providing a reservoir to compensate for alloy shrinkage. British Wax provide red and green coloured wax sprues, with the red option being more flexible.

British Wax circle sprues are available with a diameter of 1.6mm (1/16″) to 64mm (2 17/32″). We offer a cored (hollow) circle sprue with an outer diamter of 15.8mm (5/8″).

Our square sprues are also available in a range of sizes with the side mesaurement varying from 9mm (3/8″) to 35mm (1 3/8″). A cored version of this product is also available with a side measurement of 12.7mm (1/2″).

Minimum order 5kg box.

Indicative quantities are:

5kg 6.4mm sprue – 330 units
5kg 12.7mm sprue – 50 units
5kg 15.8mm sprue – 33 units
5kg 19.1mm sprue – 25 units

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