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From the smallest distilleries to the world’s largest brands of spirits, beer and wine, bottle sealing wax has been used to create distinctive, visually appealing products and is becoming increasingly popular.

British Wax is the UK’s largest manufacturer of bottle sealing wax, with various formulas and over 60 different colours (including metallic) available. If we do not already produce your perfect colour we can create custom colours to match your product entirely! Have a look at our Custom Colour bottle sealing wax page for more information.

Depending on the thickness of wax applied, length of neck and dripping, 1kg of our wax can cover up to 100 bottles. Our wax comes in block format and can be applied by hand or machine. Flexible bottle sealing wax can be used in conjunction with a ribbon, cord or metal strip for easy opening. We also manufacture a harder brittle sealing wax which can be melted directly onto the neck of the bottle.


Recommended use:
It is recommended that minimal stirring is carried out during the melting process. Excessive stirring can cause air bubbles to be trapped.
The working temperature is approximately 80°C. Avoid overheating the wax, if there is any sign of smoke coming off, then it is too hot.
To obtain a thicker coating, maintain the molten wax at a lower temperature. To obtain a thinner coating, maintain the molten wax at a higher temperature.
Different effects can be obtained depending on how the wax is treated.

  • To obtain a more rounded top, ensure the bottle is rotated as when removing the top of the bottle from the molten wax until it has solidified.
  • To obtain a flatter top with more defined angles, do not rotate the bottle, but allow excess wax to drip down from one place only, such as a tear strip.
  • For a matt finish, allow the wax to air cool.
  • To obtain a glossier finish, immediately plunge the wax into cold water and keep it in the water until all of the wax is cool.

Our wax can be heated 3 or 4 times up to 80°C without any significant effects on the performance of the wax.


*Actual colours can vary from on-screen colours, so we are always happy to send colour samples. Please contact us for more information about Bottle Sealing Wax samples.

Please do contact us to discuss custom needs and requirements. We will be happy to answer your questions in regards to application. Handling sheet available.

Find out how to apply our wax here.


Congealing point, °C, ASTM D – 938
60 - 65
Softening point, °C, ASTM D-36
61 – 66
Viscosity at 100°C, Cp, ASTM D – 3236
980 – 1350

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