Yellow Beeswax – food grade pellets

Product code: CN-1348-P
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CN-1348-P food grade yellow beeswax complies with E901 specification.

It is available in yellow pellets, with a fine-grained, matt, non-crystalline fracture; it becomes soft and pliable when warmed by hand.

Odour is faint and characteristic of honey. Relative density, about 0.96.

This wax is practically insoluble in water; partially soluble in hot ethanol (90%) and in ether; completely soluble in fatty and essential oils.

EAWC (The East Africa Wax Company) is a joint venture with British Wax and is based in Kenya. EAWC delivers the very best quality sustainably-sourced beeswax, which supports communities, enable them to thrive and means our customers can create truly natural ethical products supported by supply transparency from ‘Hive to Formula’.

EAWC beeswax is secreted by wild bee broods whilst making honey. Beekeeping is a sustainable activity which contributes to agriculture and increases biodiversity via bee pollination.

See the British Wax Instagram and LinkedIn channels for EAWC beeswax updates.


Cera Alba
Food Additive
Drop point, °C, Ph. Eur 6.0 (2.2.17)
61 – 66
Saponification value, mg KOH/g, Ph. Eur.6.0
87 – 104
Acid value, mg KOH/g, Ph. Eur. 6.0
17 – 24
Ester value, mg KOH/g Ph. Eur. 6.0 (2.5.2)
70 – 80
Peroxide value, mM H2O2/kg, EU 231/2012
5 max
Test for ceresin, paraffin and certain other waxes, Ph. Eur.6.0
Test for glycerol and other polyols, Ph. Eur.6.0
Test for fats, Japan wax, rosin and soaps
Lead, ppm, EU 231/2012
< 3.0
Cadmium, ppm, DIN EN ISO1 7294-2
< 1.0
Arsenic, ppm, DIN EN ISO1 7294-2
< 1.0
Chloramphenicol, ppb, HM-MA-M-L-2-12
< 0.3

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