Tussauds Figure Casting Wax

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If you have ever been to a wax museum or waxworks display, you were probably looking at our products.
Many wax sculptures and wax models around the world are made with our figure casting wax.
This product has a lifelike appearance, and is used to reproduce the tone and texture of the human skin in wax displays like Madame Tussauds.

Figure casting wax can also be used for wax medical models, by art colleges, in arts and craft applications. The idea lwax for casting figures must allow the artist/modeller to achieve the perfect skin tone, and this is why we offer a range of colours: white, neutral, bronze and grey.
Across its +100 years of experience, British Wax has accumulated knowledge and experience in this area, please contact us as will be able to advise the most challenging applications.


Congealing point, °C, ASTM D – 938
Brookfield viscosity at 100°C, cPa, ASTM D - 2669
120 - 200

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