Natural Candle Wax Blends

At British Wax we pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing the most comprehensive range of Premium Natural Candle Wax blends for every candle makers needs.

field of soybeans

With you from formulation to blending

Our proprietary natural wax blends have been developed to offer alternative handling performance. We work closely with our customers to respond to particular needs for better fragrance throw, glass adhesion and a smooth finish. The breadth of the range means you will find the wax that works for you and provides the performance you want to achieve.

We pride ourselves on sourcing 100% natural, fully sustainable, ethical and high quality raw products to incorporate into our house blends. This provides you the reassurance that the supply is fully traceable, fully replenishable and that quality is maintained between batches, which means you will have fewer production issues.

So if you need a simple Soy/Rapeseed blend to a more complex wax blend combining Beeswax, Castor and Coconut for truly premium performance you will find an ideal option to suit you. You can check our complete candle wax range here.

We are available to talk you through the range available and support you during the testing process.