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Beeswax is the oldest and best known wax as it is non-toxic, non-irritant, emulsifiable, and compatible with a wide range of other waxes, alcohols, glycerides and fatty acids. Our years of experience enable us to blend waxes from a variety of sources to give a consistent product. We produce white, yellow and pale yellow beeswax, available as slabs, granules or in small blocks. All our beeswax complies with the BP and EP standards. Beeswax was known in ancient times as a useful product. The earliest reference to wax appears in Greek mythology. Daedalus, having killed his nephew, fled Athens with his son, Icarus. On arriving in Crete they made wings for themselves of feathers and wax. According to the legend, Icarus attempted to fly so high that, nearing the sun, the wax melted and caused him to fall into the Aegean Sea and drown. In the Second Eclogue of Virgil, we discover that Pan joined seven reeds together with wax to invent his Pan Pipes. He was also known as the guardian of bees. The Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians and Romans were all acquainted with beeswax and even understood how to bleach it. Ancient uses of beeswax include casting, candlemaking, writing, modelling and medicinal purposes. The English term 'wax' is derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'weax', which was the name applied to the natural material of the honeycomb of the bee. Nowadays the term wax is generally applied to all wax-like solids and liquids found in nature, and to those that occur in waxes, such as the hydrocarbons, acids, alcohols and esters, irrespective of their source or method of preparation. Ever since Sidney Charles Case-Green started working for the Beeswax Company Ltd of Liverpool in 1899, wax has been a passion for the Case-Green family. At the outbreak of the first World War, Mr Case-Green determined to launch out on his own account, and to turn his intimate knowledge of waxes to special use. He therefore founded The British Wax Refining Company Ltd for the purpose of bleaching and refining waxes. British Wax prospered under the leadership of Alfred and Merrick Case-Green, followed by Alfred's sons Roderick and Nicholas Case-Green. The incorporation of Speciality Waxes, a specialist wax-blending firm, into the company in 1995 widened the existing product range and knowledge of wax formulation considerably. A further change saw the company move to a new purpose built production facility in 1998. This has allowed for increased efficiencies in production and administration, which has been reflected in our growing customer base. Now run by Sidney's great grandchildren, the business is in greater shape than ever. Dr Stephen Case-Green's arrival in 1999 has brought added expertise into the company. Today we supply waxes to a wide cross-section of industries, for an ever increasing number of uses. Batik Wax Beeswax Bottle Sealing Wax Brass Rubbing Wax Candelilla wax Candle Stick Filling Wax Carnauba Residues Carnauba Wax Carving Waxes Casting Waxes Ceresine Wax Cheese Coating Wax Contact Lens Manufacturing Wax Container Candle wax Doll casting Wax Dye and Pigment Concentrates Elvax Concentrate Emulsifying Wax Figure Casting wax Food Grade Release Wax Grafting Wax Hard Depilatory Wax Hydrometer Wax Japan Wax Jar Sealing Wax Jewellery Waxes Jewelry Waxes Laundry Wax Machinable Wax Microcrystalline wax Modelling Wax Mould Releases Ozokerite Wax Paraffin Wax Patching Wax Reproofing Wax Ring Proving Wax Rosin Rosin Derivatives Scented Paraffin Wax Sealing Wax Soft Depilatory Wax Soil Sealing Wax Special Effects Glass wax Stearine Surf Wax Synthetic Resins Tallow White Oil Wax, Waxes, Bees, Bee, Beeswax, Natural, Raw, Materials, Manufacturers, Manufacture, Honey, Carnauba, Paraffin Wax, Parafin Wax, Residues, Candellila, Microcrystalline, Micro, Crystalline, Japan, Ozokerite, Rosin, Derivatives, Synthetic Resins, Elvax, Elvac, Stearine, Tallow, Emulsifying, White Oil, Slush, Dye, Pigment, Concentrates, Depilatory, Depilatery, Depilatry, Food Grade, Release, Cheese, Jar Sealing, Bottle Sealing, Mould Release, Casting, Jewelry, Jewellery, Patching, Modelling, Modeling, Figure Casting, Doll Casting, Carving, Batik, Candle, Candles, Special Effects, Glass, Soil Sealing, Grafting, Brass Rubbing, Contact Lens, Laundry, Reproofing, Surf, Hydrometer, Toffee wax, Glass wax, Ring Proving, Sasol wax, Crayon base, White oil, sculpture wax, carving wax, Dye cakes, Spermacetti substitute, Dipping wax, synthetic resins, hoof wax, montan wax, ceresine wax, ceresine, montan, Shellacs, Shellac, Lac, Resins, Emulsifiers, Thickeners, Cosmetics, Beauty, Arts, Crafts, Polishes, Speciality, Product matching, Redhill, Surrey, UK, Export, Confectionery, glaze.