British Wax supplies a wide range of high quality modelling waxes from soft to hard, filled or unfilled and in a variety of colours.

Although firm at room temperature, modelling wax has a low melting point. By working the wax with hands, body temperature will soften the wax so it can be easily sculpted. The waxes are smooth and unsticky, enabling you to work easily and achieve the finish you want.

The majority of modelling waxes share common ingredients; wax, rosin and filler. The addition of filler (an inert powder such as talc) makes the modelling more workable. Yet, the filler doesn’t burn well. This means that filled wax is unsuitable for metal casting.

On the other hand, unfilled modelling wax is great as it can be used for metal casting.

Another advantage of modelling waxes is that different types of modelling waxes can be blended together to create the right texture and constituency for your needs.