Rapeseed Wax

Rapeseed Waxes are an ideal eco-wax available from locally grown non-GM rapeseed crops in UK, France and Germany and manufactured within Europe. Simpler logistics means smaller carbon footprint!

rapeseed field

Additive or stand alone?

Rapeseed Wax is a great natural vegetable wax, ideal as an ingredient in the production of all types of container candles blends, both natural and paraffin based. It can blend with natural wax products to achieve improved finished candle results, especially encouraging consistency and enabling stability.

rapeseed flower close up

Rapeseed Wax 4110 – ideal additive to soften other natural waxes.

Rapeseed Wax 4114 – used as an alternative higher melt additive.

Rapeseed-Coco Wax Blend 4357 –developed and launched in 2022 as a ready-to-use container candle blend including coconut. The blend contains no soy or palm, is vegan and is GM free. It has a lovely creamy white consistency and great glass adhesion.

All our Rapeseed Waxes are supplied in block form, 25kg carton.