Soy Candle Wax – Golden Wax

Soy Wax is one of the most popular waxes for candle making. Sourced from established crops, this wax has great sustainability credentials.

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Soy Candle Wax
Golden Wax

When is down to Soy Wax, it’s very likely that you are thinking about Golden Wax. British Wax stocks both Golden Wax 464 & 494.

Soy Wax is derived from Soy beans, which are pressed to extract their oil. This, in turn, is refined and then hydrogenated.

Soy beans are among the most established crops in the world, and AAK added it to its list of key raw materials in better sourcing. Their aim is to achieve 100 percent verified deforestation-free supply chains for soy by 2025.

Soy wax is great for candle making. It’s consistent performance, ease of use and adaptability to different blends and formulations, makes it a great choice for every candle maker.

464 Golden Wax Soy Wax Flakes for Container Candles

GoldenWax 464 is an ideal 100% soy container candle wax. It is a very consistent wax with a smooth creamy appearance. It’s low melt point helps to create candles with reduced frosting and provides great glass adhesion and helps prevent wet spots.. The wax holds fragrance and throws fragrance very well better than many alternative waxes. A heat gun may be necessary to smooth out tops on finished candles. It typically requires only a single pour.

GoldenWax 494 is a 100% soy wax designed for use in melts. It releases well from moulds and is good at holding colour and fragrance. It makes high quality wax melts and tarts.

We also stock soy wax by Cargill, including the ever popular NatureWax C-3.