Depilatory Film Wax Range

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Depilatory Film Waxes, made in the UK by British Wax, are each formulated for different performance requirements – Quick Set, Strong, Flexible, Intimate and Sensitive.

Film Waxes are generally applied at a lower temperature to hot wax formulas, making them ideal for intimate and sensitive areas. Our formulations include a pioneering, innovative rosin-free strip-less hot wax, which is also vegan friendly.

Depending on the Film Wax formula, the formats available are Chunks, Granules, Pellets and Tray. Products can also be packed in different sizes from 500g-1kg and also into customers packaging.

  • Wax removal without strips
  • Thin application like strip wax and also pliable.
  • Excellent for intimate and sensitive areas with less heat.
  • Wide variety of colours and skin safe fragrances available.
  • Standard packaging (v Free Issue).
  • Functional Additives – Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Charcoal, Vitamin E.

Minimum order quantities apply between 250kg and 500kg, depending on the format. First batch volume may be lower on request.

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