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Supply your clients with an unique depilatory wax experience – with shimmering colours, alluring fragrances, essential oils… you can offer a professional beauty hair removal range which is truly bespoke!

British Wax has over 100 years of wax experience and passion. We manufacture a range of depilatory waxes products and work with waxing therapists to ensure ideal product performance.

Many beauty brands and waxing professionals count on us as their supplier of choice because our formulations leave a smooth, clean, hair-free professional finish.

Our hot, film, and strip wax formulations are used for a variety of different personal depilation treatments suitable for a broad range of skins types and hair characteristics.

We have never tested on animals, use skin safe fragrances and are certified ISO and to GMP quality standards.

Most importantly, our depilatory waxes can be produced to meet your bespoke specifications. You can customise our wax formulas with colour, fragrance and even add in beneficial additives like Vitamin E, essential oils and plant extracts such as lavender, tea tree and aloe vera. You can also include shimmering, pearlescent mica which adds a touch of lux.

We support our customers through the regulatory requirements to enable them to launch a wax range onto the market.

Please contact us today to learn how we can produce a bespoke wax range for you.

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