Sumac Berry Wax

A naturally sourced wax, used for many applications including cosmetics.

Sumac fruit

An alternative to Japan Wax

Another of our vegetable-based waxes, Sumac Wax derives from the Sumac Tree Rhus Succedanea, also known as the Wax Tree. This tree is indigenous to China, Japan and the Himalayas.
The wax is extracted from the berries and stems of the tree chemically (steaming) and then mechanically (pressing). It’s then left in the sun to whiten naturally.

Like Japan Wax, Sumac Berry Wax is used in many industries. These include furniture polishes, floor waxes, soaps, pastels, crayons, buffing compounds, metal lubricants, adhesives, thermoplastic resins. It is not often used in food applications, but the US FDA considers it safe to be in contact with food.

It’s main use is in the cosmetics industry, where it is known by the INCI name of Rhus Succedanea Fruit Wax.