Soy Candle Wax – Nature Wax

Soy Wax is one of the most popular materials used in candle making. And NatureWax is one of the most popular soy wax brands. We are a UK and EU leading distributor of one NatureWax.

NatureWax Benefits

NatureWax is a high performance Natural Wax range from Cargill and includes NatureWax C3 a 100% Soy wax.

Soy used by Cargill is sourced in USA. Importantly, there is no detectable genetically modified material in the soy wax. This is because of the production process of the wax.

NatureWax products are known for:
– Burning up to 50% longer compared to mineral waxes.
– Supporting increased fragrance loading in candle with no synersis as compared to paraffin based waxes.
– Exhibiting good glass adhesion resulting in fewer production issues.
– From renewable vegetable sources that can be replenished providing long-term, reliable supply.
British Wax is proud to be an official distributor of NatureWax, as shown on Cargill’s website.

Flakes of NatureWax C3 Soy Wax for Container Candles

The full range available;

We also distribute soy wax by AAK’s, the well known  GoldenWax.