Wax on, wax off… the secrets of car wax

Regular car waxing might not teach you karate, but till certainly help maintain your vehicle in tip top shape!

And if you are into car detailing and car valeting, you certainly heard about Carnauba wax.
As a car polishing wax, Carnauba has been the point of reference of professionals and hobbyists for decades.
Yet, modern car detailing products are increasing the pressure on (or against) Carnauba car wax.
These products claim to be easier to apply and to last longer. Surely the ease of application is relative (if you wax a black car and let it sitting in the sun, you will have problems, Carnauba or not).
And it’s also true that the frequency of wax treatments is also correlated to the environment the car lives in, and how it’s used, rather than the wax itself. Yet, at least some modern synthetic products return great results.

But there are at least two main reasons why is Carnauba wax is still a great choice for the automotive industry when it comes to car waxing products.


Carnauba is a natural wax, derived from a Brazilian palm tree.
Carnauba wax is one of the hardest, most effective natural waxes known to man. Sustainability is not just a marketing slogan.
The necessity of treating the world with respect cannot be ignored anymore, and choosing a Carnauba based product is certainly the responsible thing to do.
Car detailing might not be the first industry to come to ones mind when thinking about sustainability and natural products. After all, car detailing is traditionally a fairly “chemical” sector.
And the car industry still revolves around petrol cars (they still are the majority of cars, for now) so it’s easy to see why a car detailing brand might think twice before putting sustainability in their top values. Yet, the shift towards sustainable products is happening in every sector of our lives and car valeting will be one of them too.
Soon, car detailing professionals will ask for sustainable products (because their customers will).


As much as ease of application matters, especially if you have to wax a few cars a day, it’s also true that the quality of the end result matters.
Like many things in car detailing, a lot of discussions are more opinion-based rather than fact-based.
Yet, you will read many professionals in the car detailing world claiming that a layer of Carnauba wax will give your car an unrivaled deep shine and wet look. You will certainly want to do your research, but if you try a Carnauba based car wax you’ll certainly agree that the finish is great.

Types of Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is traditionally divided in four types or grades. We supply Type 1, 3 and 4 Carnauba Wax (all in flake format);

Type 1 – the purest grade available, light in colour, suitable for food, pharma and cosmetic use. This is also available as an Organic product.
Type 3 – commonly used in cosmetics, polishes, protective coatings and lubricants.
Type 4 – dark in colour, suitable for polishes and coating fruit.

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Picture by Vincent Ghilione – Unsplash

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