Sunflower Wax

Sunflowers are not just beautiful. They also represent a very important natural resource, used in the food and energy industries. And of course, in candle making and cosmetic applications!


Naturally sustainable

Sunflower is considered a sustainable crop as it’s naturally resistant to pests which limits the use of pesticides. It’s also relatively resistant to drought thanks to its deep roots, therefore it doesn’t require a lot of water. The crop yield is also quite high, which limits the amount of required fertilizers.


Multi-purpose high quality wax

By a process called “Winterization”, it is possible to separate wax from sunflower oil. Sunflower wax is white, hard, and it’s considered to have a relatively high melting point for a natural wax.

This wax can be used for:

  • Creams, lip balms massage butters, and more cosmetics.
  • Soy free container candles.