Candle Wax

While we supply a full range of candles waxes and additives, our main focus is natural waxes. We use the following waxes and oils to make our natural wax blends: Soy, Certified Organic and Fairtrade Palm, Carnauba, Castor, Coconut, Rapeseed and Beeswax.

Soy Wax

We are official distributors of EcoSoya® and NatureWax® candle waxes. We also manufacture a number of Premium Natural Wax blends specially formulated to meet the demands of premium, luxury natural candles.

Rapeseed Wax

Rapeseed is one of Europe's most important oilseed crops, accounting for about one third of global cultivation. Our British-made Rapeseed wax is a key component in many of the finest branded natural wax candles on the market. While most soy is the product of GM agriculture, the key benefit of our rapeseed wax is that it is genuinely GM free - both free of GM material and not from GM crops.

Massage Wax

We manufacture massage wax blends and can also supply the natural waxes and oils to make your own massage candles. Organic versions available.

Wick Wax

We supply NGI's EcoSoya® Eco-Wick wax. Please have a look at our EcoSoya Eco-Wick wax page for more information and to request samples.

BiocereTM Certified Organic Candle Wax

For consumers who care about the amount of chemicals and GM crops used in their products, we manufacture a unique product: BiocereTM Certified Organic Candle Wax. Our factory is certified and audited by the Soil Association to give consumers the maximum confidence in our organic products.