EcoSoya - Candle Wax

EcoSoya Brands, LLCĀ®

EcoSoya Brands create innovative waxes for the candle industry and exclusively specialise in plant-based waxes.

EcoSoya develop and produce sustainable, renewable plant-based waxes and pioneered research in 1992 with the goal of creating all-natural waxes from renewable resources.

Since launching in 1999 with the development of soy wax, they continue to create advanced plant-based waxes to benefit both people and the environment.

With continued extensive research, EcoSoya Brands utilise plant-based oils and technology to provide 100% plant-based, ultra-high-performance waxes.

Products Available Soon:
EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy - for container candles, tarts, melts
EcoSoya Pillar Blend - for pillar and moulded candles

Carton size: 20.4kg (MOQ)

For product information and a pricelist please contact us on 01737 761242 or