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A Tradition of Excellence

British Wax is a family-owned company supplying waxes to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and beauty, oil and gas exploration, defence, food, dairy, fine art, leather, furniture, fibre-glass, candle-making, and timber preservation.

Founded in 1914 as The British Wax Refining Company Ltd, the company has a long tradition of refining and processing natural waxes, such as beeswax and carnauba wax. More recently, with the incorporation of Speciality Waxes in 1995, we have gained expertise in the specialised wax market. Following the merger, the company moved to a new production facility in 1998; and in 1999 the 4th generation of the Case-Green family took over management of the company. Nowadays, whatever requirement you have for waxes, we can help you.

Customer focus

We are interested in our customers. Flexibility and personal attention are key elements of our approach to business, and so we are always pleased to work with our customers in developing products and processes that meet their requirements. Our R&D team keep us and our customers on the cutting edge. We are committed to a process of continuous improvement ensuring better customer satisfaction: attempting to reduce lead times, assuring quality product and using economies of scale to keep prices down.

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